Maximizing Geothermal Insights with Aerial Thermal Imaging

If you’re in the geothermal energy industry, you know how vital it is to have a clear understanding of your thermal assets. Our technology and expertise enable you to harness the power of aerial thermal imaging to gain critical insights into your geothermal operations. Since 2010, we’ve been providing that clear understanding of surface thermal […]

AerialOGI Plus – Revolutionizing Gas Pipeline Leak Detection: Our Innovative Drone Payload, Handheld OGI Camera, and Reporting Software Suite

Sony Airpeak with Aerial Optical Gas Imaging OGI camera

Sony Airpeak with Aerial Optical Gas Imaging OGI camera In recent years, the imperative for enhanced safety and environmental responsibility within the gas pipeline industry has led to remarkable innovations in leak detection technology. At the forefront of this advancement is our pioneering team, which has developed an ingenious solution that marries cutting-edge technology with […]

5 Different R-value Window Experiment

5 different r-value window to test with a thermal camera

Instead of a sports car, I wanted a wall full of windows with different coatings. I’ve always wanted to know how different coatings and R-values perform on windows, but never found a location that had multiple windows next to each other with different performance. In 2019 my amazing friend Tyler Erickson, installed 5 different windows, […]


1/2/23 Happy New Year everyone! Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) are two important techniques that are used to detect and monitor leaks in industrial environments. These techniques are critical for ensuring environmental compliance, improving industrial safety, and minimizing the release of harmful emissions. Our AerialOGI payloads will assist your team […]

DJI to FLIR Tools thermal image converter

DJI to FLIR converter

November 2020, I started receiving calls from friends and customers asking if I had a way of viewing DJI thermal Images in FLIR Tools. Around this time, most of my team was using DRS detectors, but we had a shiny new thermal payload from DJI sitting in a box ready for testing. At first we didn’t realize […]

How I got into aerial thermography.

My first multirotor

Merging my computer science background and love for aviation, I hacked a Flir i7 thermal camera and placed it on a homebuilt multirotor. I had to do this because I wanted a thermal camera on an aerial platform, but there weren’t any. This was July of 2009, and drone manufactures weren’t selling drones ready-to-fly drones. […]