Developing Solutions

Industry-Leading Thermal Imaging

At Aerial Thermal Imaging we design, develop, and employ proprietary software tools and hardware to offer cutting-edge thermal imaging services.

Our experienced team uses industry-leading equipment to offer the most complete aerial view possible, specializing in large-acreage thermographic mapping, infrared imaging, thermographic software, and more.

Pioneering Innovation

We’ve made our name creating solutions that never existed before.

Our thermal imaging cameras are pioneering and we were the first to build and deliver large-scale radiometric mosaic deliverables, allowing our clients to collect and collate superior-quality images.

MapTemp, our DJI to Flir Converter, the first all-American-built Optical Gas Imaging system. All of these are industry firsts, using the latest technology and industry experience to constantly develop and lead the field.

Industry Experience

Our solutions and innovations come from experience in the field.

This experience is what has allowed us to build partnerships and relationships with other industry leaders in the thermal imaging field, giving us access to the best equipment and knowledge there is.

This is why we are consistently the team chosen when a job requires real experience and the ability to adapt and develop, to change in response to constantly changing problems.

Monitoring & Detection

We specialize in detecting leaks that may be hidden from the naked eye.

Increasingly crucial due to EPA regulations, our service lets businesses know that they are not harming the environment and putting themselves at risk of liability.

  • Pollution detection, remote sensing used to identify illegal waste dumping.
  • Leak detection, looking for naturally caused sewage damage that could have resulted from anything from seismic activity to soil slippage.
  • Oil or methane leak detection, allowing oil and gas companies to know that they are not responsible for environmental damage.

The Large Scale View

Our ranging solutions offer the most complete view of any possible problem.

Aerial mapping using thermal imaging scopes and a full suite of imaging tools to develop 3D models and maps that are tailored to our clients’ needs and the specifics of the landscape.

Our monitoring and remote sensing are also tailored to agricultural work, allowing us to monitor everything from water and fertilizer management to disease identification.

All of the software, all of the hardware, all of the experience to give you the full picture.

About Us

We Provide The Best Solutions To Grow Your Business

We are a group who love what we do. A team of airplane drivers, electron directors, lensmen, drone racing pilots with experience in: thermography, aviation, environmental engineering, GIS, aerial thermal imaging, thermographic mapping and software development.

Who We Are

Aerial Thermal Imaging is a Utah based company specializing in advanced aerial thermal imagery and thermographic mapping. Our team provides customer-driven thermal maps, and thermal imaging software solutions that can be used by a wide variety of companies and governmental entities to meet their specific thermographic needs.
We have professional pilots and aircraft located throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Middle East to assist you quickly anywhere in the world. Our ground team consists of GISP analysts located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bringing together years of experience in: Thermography, Aviation, Energy Management and Conservation, Environmental Engineering, GIS, and Software Development. We have developed the software, hardware, and process of capturing unparalleled thermal imagery.

Our Services

Service We Offer

Radiometric stitching

We were the first to build and deliver large scale radiometric mosaic deliverables. We can help you collect superior images and stitch, or help you stitch images from your DJI, DRS, or Flir thermal sensors.

Hydrocarbon Detection

Our aerial hydrocarbon detection service utilizes cutting-edge optical gas imaging technology. Our OGI cameras scan vast areas, pinpointing leaks from a safe distance. This minimizes environmental impact and avoids disrupting your operations.

Aerial Mapping

LiDAR, Orthoimagery, Photogrammetry, Radiometric Thermal Mosaic, Infrared, Multispectral, Oblique Imagery, 3D Models, Bathymetric LiDAR, Topographic, Planimetric and corridor mapping.

Leak Detection

Sewer leaks can occur from tree root invasion, soil slippage, seismic activity, loss of foundation due to washout, flooding and sewage back up, among other events.

Roof Inspection

Facility directors, engineering departments and commercial roofers use our thermal / infrared imagery to make repairs where they are needed, avoiding complete replacement

Agricultural Remote Sensing

Using invisible spectral bands, we can assist with chlorophyll content, water & fertilizer management, disease identification, phenotyping and more.