About Us

About Us

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We are a group who love what we do. A team of airplane drivers, electron directors, lensmen, drone racing pilots with experience in: thermography, aviation, environmental engineering, GIS, aerial thermal imaging, thermographic mapping and software development.

Who We Are

Aerial Thermal Imaging is a Utah based company specializing in advanced aerial thermal imagery and thermographic mapping. Our team provides customer-driven thermal maps, and thermal imaging software solutions that can be used by a wide variety of companies and governmental entities to meet their specific thermographic needs.
We have professional pilots and aircraft located throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Middle East to assist you quickly anywhere in the world. Our ground team consists of GISP analysts located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bringing together years of experience in: Thermography, Aviation, Energy Management and Conservation, Environmental Engineering, GIS, and Software Development. We have developed the software, hardware, and process of capturing unparalleled thermal imagery.

What We Do

With patented technology, our advanced techniques in thermographic mapping and imagery allow us to produce unparalleled large high resolution thermographic maps and imagery.  Whether your needs are for high-spacial resolution, georeferenced, radiometric, orthorectified large area thermographic maps or imagery for individual buildings and/or property we can help.
Some of the technology we employ include a manned or unmanned rotor, fixed or multirotor aircraft, hosting infrared camera cores. After the images are captured they are placed in a mosaic format and integrated with geo-database information using ArcGIS software.  Our maps are globally contrast adjusted, with final deliverables as a digital file formatted to meet the client’s requirements such as CAD, GIS, PDF, thermal infrared (TIR), multi-spectral imagery (MSI), hyperspectral imagery (HIS), Google Earth Overlay, etc.

Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen is a problem solver. He’s also a thermographer, inventor, aircraft mechanic, drone pilot, entrepreneur, and a two-time college dropout. In all of these roles, Eric is searching for solutions.
Eric has held a fascination with aviation for much of his life. In fact, for years now he’s been putting together a Kitfox 7, a single-propeller airplane, by himself. He says spending time with his kids has slowed that down. While he was working as a ground-based thermographer for several years, that work and aviation ran parallel to each other, never intersecting. Then one day, he had the idea to strap a thermal camera to an RC tri-copter.
“I published a video on YouTube called ‘Aerial Thermal Imaging’ and it changed my life,” he said. “People saw that I was doing aerial point-of-view and that turned into animal counting and ‘Hey, could you help me find my dog?’ I was helping people find their dogs and DJI wasn’t even a company.