November 2020, I started receiving calls from friends and customers asking if I had a way of viewing DJI thermal Images in FLIR Tools. Around this time, most of my team was using DRS detectors, but we had a shiny new thermal payload from DJI sitting in a box ready for testing. At first we didn’t realize why so many people wanted to view images from the H20T to be viewed in Flir Tools, but we soon realized it was the best viewer and method to generate reports. Exploiting 2 different SDKs, our software dev team had a converter working in a few hours. We decided to make the converter free and have been expanding on it over the years. Our converter can convert H20T, H20N, Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance ( M2EA ), and Mavic 3 Thermal ( M3T ) images into a .IMG file that directly imports into Flir tools. All metadata is included in this file. Batch processing is easy with our new Zip tool, to speed up and download. 

Here is a video I made showing how it works:



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