Thermal Roof Inspection

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Thermal Roof Inspection Services

Aerial Thermal Imaging is a leading provider of Thermal Infrared Roof Inspection Services. Facility directors, engineering departments and commercial roofers use our thermal and infrared imagery to make repairs where they are needed, avoiding complete roof replacement. Commercial Energy Audits allow property managers and land owners to see firsthand any of the following potential problems with their investment: Rooftop Moisture Issues, Solar Hot Spots, Aerial Thermal Hot Spots, Equipment Overheating, Soil and Foundation Issues. This service pays for itself by assisting property management from replacing a perfectly healthy rooftop.

Thermal Roof Inspection Services

Drone Thermal Roof Inspection Services

We’ve been placing thermal cameras on UAVs for over a decade. A thermal camera equipped UAV is the perfect tool to inspect a problematic rooftop.  Infrared roof moisture inspections and surveys are non-invasive and allow us to scan large areas of your property, very quickly. Get in touch with ATI for all your infrared thermal imaging roof surveys and roof inspections. Aerial Thermal Imaging to detect roof leaks is a powerful tool for maintaining your property.

Thermal Imaging Roof Inspection Services

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    Drone Infrared Roof Inspection

    What is the difference between Infrared and Thermal Imaging?2020-05-09T07:55:46-06:00

    What is the difference between Infrared and Thermal Imaging?

    • 1.) Infrared cameras receive, gather and measure a beam of infrared light waves whereas thermal cameras measure the absolute temperature of the object
    • 2.) The main difference between infrared and thermal is in the manner their detection takes place
    What is Thermal Imaging used for?2020-05-09T08:00:37-06:00

    What is Thermal Imaging used for?

    Thermal Imaging is commonly used for mapping, detecting pollution, precision agriculture, roof inspections, building inspections, sewer leak detection, pipeline inspections and more.

    What does Thermal Imaging detect?2020-05-09T08:05:26-06:00

    What does Thermal Imaging detect?

    Thermal imaging is often used to detect moisture, sewer leaks, steam leaks and pollution.

    Can Thermal Imaging detect Mold?2020-05-09T08:18:37-06:00

    Can Thermal Imaging detect Mold?

    No, thermal imaging cannot detect mold. However, thermal imaging can detect areas with increased moisture that will more likely to have mold present.

    Can a Thermal Camera find Water Leaks?2020-05-09T08:22:15-06:00

    Can a Thermal Camera find Water Leaks?

    Yes, thermal cameras are used for finding and treating water leaks.

    Thermal cameras are a tool used by home inspectors and energy auditors for the detection of water and air leaks.

    Aerial Thermal Imaging Did You Know?

    Aerial Thermal Imaging is a leading provider of drone thermal roof inspection services. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and provides thermal imaging services nationwide in the USA and UAE. Get in touch with ATI for all your infrared imaging, inspection and mapping needs.