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Sewer Leak Detection

Sewer Leak Detection Services

Navigating our aircraft directly over a pressurized sewer line, we can help you find potential leaks. Thermal cameras can detect temperature differences, then report where ground crews should further inspect. We can inspect hundreds of miles of sewer lines in hours.

Identify and locate potential areas of ground seeps in the watershed, specifically, leaks from local underground sewer lines situated near or along the river creeks and tributary streams in remote locations.

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Pressurized Sewer Leak Detection

Aerial thermographic surveys assist municipalities to locate possible water pollution. We have assisted agencies to discover illegal discharge of pollutants. Our survey method allows our clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies. Survey techniques include aerial, multi-band infrared platforms guided by autopilot over GIS data layers.