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Precision Agriculture Services

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Services

Supporting biotechnology, our precision agriculture services assist you using our technology, so you don’t need to.

​​A highly effective method to monitor irrigation is thermal infrared imaging. Water stress can be prevented in early stages to prevent crop damage. We are able to survey very large acreage farms and deliver thermographic, orthorectified maps. Farmers are able to view thermographic and trending data using our patent pending software MapTemp.

ATI Precision Agriculture Services can assist with:

  • 1) Crop scouting and inventory counts
  • 2) Creating maps using normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)
  • 3) Digital elevation maps (DEM) to access drainage
  • 4) Identifying crop variation
  • 5) Detecting unhealthy crops

We can also sell and train your pilots the Micasence RedEdge-MX and RedEdge-MX blue Sensors, including how to use, plan, fly and post process your imagery.

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