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Thermal Pollution Detection Services

Aerial thermographic surveys assist municipalities to locate possible water pollution. We have assisted agencies to discover illegal discharge of pollutants. Our survey method allows our clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies. Get in touch with Aerial Thermal Imaging to detect any pollution or contamination early and precisely. Keep your environment and workers safe with our leading thermal pollution detection services.

Pollution Detection Services

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    What is Thermal Pollution Detection?2020-05-09T08:23:57-06:00

    What is Thermal Pollution Detection?

    • 1.) Oil Spills and Pollution can be detected using a thermal drone

    Thermal is your solution to water pollution detection and monitoring, leak detection and seep detection

    • 2.) Thermal Pollution Detection is the process of detecting pollution using a thermal camera

    Thermal imaging is used for detecting oil slic, sewage outflows, algae blooms and other types of pollution

    How are Drones being used to help the Environment?2020-05-09T07:16:41-06:00

    How are Drones being used to help the Environment?

    • 1.) Drones can be equipped with meteorological apparatus for gathering complete climate data

    Drones can be armed with wind gauges, thermometers and humidity or pressure sensors allowing them to gather climate data for environmental monitoring

    • 2.) Thermal Drones can be used for detecting pollution

    Thermal surveys using drones allow organizations to discover pollutants early and precisely.

    • 3.) Drones are used for Agricultural Sustainability

    Drones (or “UAV’s”) are used to spray crops and also monitor livestock, crops and water levels, providing high resolution images of the health of crops.

    Why is Thermal Imaging used for Oil?2020-05-09T08:24:47-06:00

    Why is Thermal Imaging used for Oil?

    • 1.) Thermal Imaging is used as a diagnostic tool for monitoring oil and chemical pipelines

    Drones are commonly equipped with thermal cameras to use for monitoring the integrity of hundreds of miles of piping.

    • 2.) Besides for the obvious, such detecting oil spills, thermal imaging is also used for maintaining structural integrity

    Surveying multiple-thousands of acres to build scientific and data rich GIS maps, assist geographers to identify where steam is expressing on the surface. Oil field leak detection and safety are the two main goals.

    Can Drones detect Pipeline Leaks?2020-05-09T07:22:56-06:00

    Can Drones detect Pipeline Leaks?

    • Yes, drones can be used to seamlessly and effectively detect and monitor pipeline leaks.

    What is a Thermal Inspection?2020-05-09T08:25:40-06:00

    What is a Thermal Inspection?

    • 1.) Thermal Inspections are used as a non-invasive technology for revealing moisture

    Infrared roof moisture inspections and thermal surveys are non-invasive and allow the inspector to scan large areas of your property, very quickly.

    • 2.) Aerial Thermal Inspections reduce your corrective maintenance costs and improve asset life

    Drone inspections and surveys of difficult-to-access structures and pipelines deliver a more efficient, cost-effective and safer inspection process that can help mitigate risk, while you keep operations running as usual.

    Aerial Thermal Imaging Did You Know?

    Aerial Thermal Imaging is a leading provider of drone thermography services. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and provides thermal imaging services nationwide in the USA and UAE. Get in touch with ATI for all your infrared imaging, inspection and mapping needs.