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Aerial Photomapping Services

Aerial mapping and surveying from manned and unmanned aircraft

Get in touch with Aerial Thermal Imaging for all your photogrammetry and photogrammetric mapping services. Aerial photography of your premises is a valuable asset to your business. ATI has provided small-scale and large-scale photogrammetric mapping projects to government agencies and various private companies.

To meet the scope of your project, professional quality georeferenced aerial images is a common task for Aerial Thermal Imaging. Our maps are often used for:

  • Collecting current imagery for your project or property
  • Using new visual imagery to us as a basemap for your thermographic deliverable
  • Aerial Mapping and Surveying
  • GIS or CAD applications
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Our team can capture Vertical (straight down) or Oblique (at an angle) using FAA-approved techniques.

Any spatial resolution, along with and vertical and horizontal accuracy requirements using Real Time Kinematics (RTK), Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and Post Processed Kinematic (PPK).

Photogrammetric Mapping
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    Photogrammetric Imaging

    What is a Topographical Survey?2020-05-09T08:23:16-06:00

    What is a Topographical Survey?

    • 1.) A topographic survey is a survey that gathers data about the elevation of points on a piece of land

    Topographic maps are used to show elevations and grading features for architects, engineers, and building contractors. Topographic surveys show elevation and land forms and have a myriad of practical applications.

    • 2.) A topographical survey can help you visualize the land you intend to develop

    A Topographical Survey can help you visualize the land you intend to develop. Contours, spot levels and feature lines accurately define the ground and boundaries so that you can design with confidence.

    • 3.) While boundary surveys focus on horizontal measurements, topographic surveys are about elevation

    A topographic survey or contour survey provides you with the exact figures of the size, height, position of the different changes that have occurred in course of time with regard to their presence of their natural existence.

    How does Photogrammetry work?2020-05-09T05:03:41-06:00

    How does Photogrammetry work?

    • 1.) Photogrammetry works through triangulation

    Photogrammetry is based on perspective geometry. By taking photographs from at least two different locations, so-called “lines of sight” can be developed from each camera to points on the object.

    • 2.) Aerial Photogrammetry works through multiple processed overlapping photos of the ground

    Aerial photographs are taken from the air by special camera mounted in an aircraft flying over the area with the camera axis vertical or nearly so. Multiple overlapping photos of the ground are taken as the aircraft flies along a flight path. These photos are processed in a stereo-plotter.

    • 3.) Photogrammetry uses methods from many disciplines, including optics and projective geometry

    Digital image capturing and photogrammetric processing includes several well defined stages, which allow the generation of 2D or 3D digital models of the object as an end product.

    What is Photogrammetry used for?2020-05-09T05:25:47-06:00

    What is Photogrammetry used for?

    • 1.) Photogrammetry is used for measuring and mapping distances between object

    Photogrammetry is used by companies, architects, archaeologists and individuals as a technique that uses photographs for map-making and surveying.

    • 2.) After experiencing a significant evolution since its inception, Photogrammetry is now widely used in a number of industries

    Today it is a multi-functional process that is ideal for any application requiring high-resolution aerial imagery. Photogrammetry is widely used in aerospace, construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, cultural heritage, and geology. Topographic Surveys and Photogrammetric Maps are are used to show surface elevations and grading features for architects, engineers, and building contractors.

    How is Photogrammetry used in the field of Mapping Surveying?2020-05-09T05:50:38-06:00

    How is Photogrammetry used in the field of Mapping Surveying?

    • 1.) Photogrammetry is a Surveying and Mapping method that has many applications

    Aerial Photomapping allow surveyors to capture much more accurate aerial survey data, while significantly reducing costs and operational difficulties.

    • 2.) Photogrammetry is used for Topographic Mapping

    This method of surveying is widely used for topographic mapping to record the Earth’s surface.

    What is Photogrammetric Mapping?2020-05-09T06:03:52-06:00

    What is Photogrammetric Mapping?

    • 1.) Photogrammetric Mapping is the process of making measurements from photographs and producing a map.

    Photogrammetric Mapping (or “photomapping”) is often used for urban planning, terrain analysis and forest management

    • 2.) Photogrammetry is the process of making surveys and maps through the use of photographs

    Photogrammetric Mapping is the process of constructing maps from aerial photographs

    Aerial Thermal ImagingDid You Know?

    Aerial Thermal Imaging is a leading provider of photogrammetric mapping services. Get in touch with ATI for all your Topographical Surveys, Photogrammetric Mapping and Thermal Imaging needs. We’ve been placing cameras on UAVs for over a decade.