Infrared leak detection is used to investigate when fluid or gas leaks occur in a system. This undesired event can take place in oil pipelines, water pipes or any other transported fluid systems. Pipelines are secure and reliable systems when correctly maintained. However, every now and then leaks can occur, that needs to be handled fast and safely.

Subsurface leaks are most commonly caused by erosion, degradation of the materials or imprecise operation. The infrared leak detection method proved to be more efficient than any other when it comes to locating leaks under the surface. It is an effective and fast method to detect any fluid exposure in the system, which ensures the safe and reliable operation of the pipelines.

The fluid that escapes the system has a different thermal conductivity than the soil around it. Therefore, the temperatures can be measured on the surface and it is detected when any variation occurs. This is carried out by infrared radiometers that are constantly checking the area for temperature patterns. The data is interpreted in thermal pictures (black and white or colored), that clearly shows the differences, thus the leak can be located under the ground. This thermal pollution detection service can identify the exposed fluid even 30 meters below the surface.

Emma Awan

Pressurized Sewer Line Leaks