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Thermographic Mapping – GIS

Our thermographic deliverables are globally contrast adjusted, radiometric (meaning they contain temperature data), georeferenced and orthorectified. We are able to deliver any spatial resolution requested. With just a click of a mouse, you’ll be able to know the exact temperature at any given location, even accurate animal count. We use ESRI GIS products to develop our deliverables.

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Leak Detection

Leak detection is used to identify and locate potential areas of ground seeps into the watershed, specifically leaks from local underground water, sewer, oil, steam lines.

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Roofing / Building Inspection

Facility directors, engineering departments and commercial roofers use our thermal / infrared imagery to make repairs where they are needed, avoiding complete roof replacement.
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Airborne Security

Our helicopters are equipped with the exact imaging equipment used to locate Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He was found via aerial helicopter that used thermal imaging to confirm there was someone hiding under a tarp.

Photo by Massachusetts State Police
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Pollution Detection

Aerial thermographic surveys assist municipalities to locate possible water pollution. We have assisted agencies to discover illegal discharge of pollutants. Our survey method allows our clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies.
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Thermal Video Production

We have assisted television programs create re-enactments, provide thermography video footage, search for Bigfoot, and even assist locating alien base camps hidden in mountainsides.

Our cameras are capable of 30fps in any color palette.

We love special and unusual projects!