MapTemp Software

We have developed a process and method of monitoring surface thermal expression intensity thermal trending, thermal highlighting, and highlight counting. MapTemp software was created by Aerial Thermal Imaging to solve a problem with the way users are able to understand and interpret deliverables / maps. The basic operation of MapTemp is to allow users to instantly know the actual temperature and GPS location of a deliverable at the click of a mouse. This includes users who have no GIS skills. Users are able to select a temperature range, such as temperatures between 70F as low to 90F as high, then highlight just that area with the colors red as maximum temperature and blue as minimum temperatures. Gradients are applied to the high and low to allow users to focus on the range of highlighted temperatures. A specific surface thermal expression can be located on the deliverable and the user can zoom in for more details. Once the user has found an area of interest, included software tools can then be implemented.

Key features of MapTemp Software

• Visually explore deliverables: Users are able to see the entire survey that has been globally contrasted at once. Usually these are very large areas. They are able to scroll and zoom as needed to locate areas of interest
• Temperature on mouse click: After temperature data has been loaded with a deliverable, a simple mouse click revels the exact temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• GPS location on mouse click: After GPS data has been loaded with a deliverable, a simple mouse click revels the GPS coordinates
• User temperature range highlighting: Users are able to select a customized range of temperatures to focus on, then apply a color gradient between that focus area
• Save highlighted maps: Users can save the created highlight, and share with their colleagues
• Brightness and contrast controls: This feature can assist users in finding locations that may be difficult to see with standard contrasting.
• Counting: By selecting a specific range of temperature, MapTemp will automatically count each highlight. This is useful in animal counting extremely large areas.
• Useable with all thermographic deliverables: Any color palette and any spatial resolution is loadable and MapTemp tools can be implemented
• Fahrenheit and Celsius scales: Display both scales
• Embedded temperature profiles: Deliverables can be accessed and shared with a temperature profile attached
• Tabbed screen to view multiple maps: Allows users to view multiple maps at once and monitor progression of items on the ground
• No knowledge of GIS is necessary to navigate and understand: Anyone who can point a mouse will have temperature and GPS coordinates presented. It’s that easy

MapTemp TM 1024x550 MapTemp Software
MapTemp1 TM 1024x550 MapTemp Software