We are a group who love what we do. We are great at what we do.

We have years of experience in: Thermography, Aviation, Environmental Engineering, GIS, Aerial Thermal Imaging, Thermographic Mapping and Software Development.

family About

Eric Olsen – Thermographer

Student of many disciplines of science, including, but not limited to, software architecture, computer science, thermodynamics and aviation science.

Specialties: Infrared thermal camera technician, infrared aerial, software development, fixed-wing & helicopter aerodynamics, drone aircraft, radio control aircraft, autonomous aircraft, thermal surface expressions.

Find Eric on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ericnolsen/


Aerial Thermal Imaging Crew & Equipment

We have professional pilots and aircraft located throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Middle East to assist you quickly anywhere in the world.

Our ground team consists of GISP analysts located in Salt Lake City, Utah.